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2010-08-29, 12:04
Hi All,
A relative newbie, but had my SB Duet for about 2 years. Perfectly happy, have it in the Man Cave. Streaming music and Internet Radio from Windows XP desktop configured as a central server.

So, want to add music into the new home office. Question is, which product to go with, another Duet, the Touch or something else? I don't yet have any amp/speakers in the office so that is a factor (e.g. I saw a touch "bundle"). But maybe I should get another Duet. I will need 2 controllers.

Sound quality not a big issue here (it's mostly for my wife!). But if the DAC for the Touch is better than my Duet, I'd switch the new one into the Cave and bring my Duet into the office.

Any issues with multiple SB receivers with one server? What do you recommend?



2010-08-29, 13:06
Lots of different options in a home office.

I assume anyone working in the office is using a computer. So you could just use the computer's audio out to play music into a pair of upgraded powered computer speakers. Something like a set of AudioEngine A2 (or A5). If you love and want to use Squeezebox Server then you can use SqueezePlay running on the computer.

If you don't have an amp and speakers and you don't want to buy any, then either a Squeezebox Boom or a Radio would work. If you go this route, get the Boom.

If you want to use one of the Squeezeboxes without speakers then you'll need to buy an amp and speakers. This could be a receiver, an integrated amp, a power amp (using the Squeezebox's volume control) plus a set of unpowered speakers. Or use a pair of powered speakers like the AudioEngines.

Choice of Squeezebox in this case is either

Touch. Pricey, but good sound quality and it can be nice to use the touch screen on your desk and have it at arm's length.

Receiver. If you can find one.

An older SB3/Classic or SB2 purchased used.

For playback control there's no need for another Controller. Again assuming that you're using a computer in the office, you'll have the web interface always at hand.

2010-08-29, 16:22
In my mind it really is how much other equipment you have left over for this room or if you don't want to buy addition amp/receiver or speakers.

Option 1) No new equipment/No left over equipment to use in office - Buy a Boom or SB Radio

Option 2) Have enough leftover equipment that you only need a Source - Buy a Touch and swap out Duet or buy a second Receiver only. I don't see why you need a second Controller uses you both are using it and playing single tracks. The Home Office probably has a PC or Laptop and can use the WebUI to control the Squeezebox in that room.

Option 3) Want a Touch but need speakers - Buy the Touch for the man cave, move Receiver to Home Office and get some powered speakers. You mentioned the Touch plus speaker bundle, nothing says you have to use them with the Touch. They will work just as fine with moving the Receiver to the office.

Option 4) There are endless possibilities depending on what you have to work with already and how much sound quality you want in the office.

2010-08-31, 16:34
Some other ideas: Try the O2 Joggler. There is an integrated speaker inside but you also can use it with active speakers. Some advantage you have a touch screen what is bigger than the SB-Touch so inside the office you can use it also as a photo frame.
There was a offer from O2 UK for 50 pounds but now you get it sometimes from ebay and with a little easy change you can install squeezeplay on it. Navigation is the same like the Duet controller.

No sometimes you get it in the bay:http://cgi.ebay.de/o2-Joggler-Digital-Photo-frame-Calender-radio-news-text-/260654883962?pt=UK_AudioElectronicsVideo_Video_Tel evisionSetTopBoxes

I also suggest the SB Classic if you get it. More than a second receiver, because you have a wonderfull display. Its somehow a future invest.