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Tore Johnsson
2004-08-29, 02:00
I found the way to search different format
First x on list shows - then x on advanced options - among these there are
several formats. Then it is possible to get the format you want by right

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Thanks for the list. It is good.
The site you enter, it is possible to get pls to the playlist by rightclick
the name of the station.
Unfortunatly when I search for a category and try to rightclick on a station
I only get the htm format.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

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there was a plugin for PublicRadioFan that was released some time ago. I
no idea if it is still available or if it even works with the latest server.

Quoting Chris <write (AT) tochris (DOT) com>:

> Try this site:
> Now, if only someone could create a plugin that parsed the search results
> above (all stations, MP3 streaming only) it'd be cool :-)
> With the searches you can also limit your stations by type - so search for
> Jazz.