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2004-08-28, 20:29
How does smartd work?

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> The inherent risk in this strategy is that if you suffer some sort of
> problem with the motherboard or disk controllers (or power supply)
> then you will potentially lose all of your data. I have a friend with
> a similar strategy to yours and so far he has been lucky too...
> However, hard disks are cheap. I have a $90 160GB external USB 2 hard
> drive that I periodically sync all of my important data to. It's on
> an entirely different system, different circuit in the house, etc.

but if your house falls down...

it's all about risk levels. The risk level of a power surge frying
everything in the box is higher than that of an IDE controller corrupting an
unmounted disk, &c.

To return to point zero, the risk level of filesystem corruption or an
accidental rm -rf damaging a soft mirror is relatively high. By the way, I'd
advise anyone using soft RAID on Linux to write a script that monitors the
state of /proc/mdstat, and/or use smartd. I've seen a number of soft RAID
systems fail to notify the administrators that disks had dropped out of
mirror until it was too late.

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