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2004-08-28, 18:00
The inherent risk in this strategy is that if you suffer some sort of
problem with the motherboard or disk controllers (or power supply) then you
will potentially lose all of your data. I have a friend with a similar
strategy to yours and so far he has been lucky too... However, hard disks
are cheap. I have a $90 160GB external USB 2 hard drive that I periodically
sync all of my important data to. It's on an entirely different system,
different circuit in the house, etc.

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> Even with software mirroring of the hard drives I would be inclined to
> continue backing up your stuff periodically to another hard drive or
> DVD-R, etc.

I prefer to use a "cold" mirror and keep the spare drive(s) unmounted most
of the time. This keeps usage of one mirror down and allows for quick
restores in between sync times.

I've used setups like this at home, where uptime isn't important, for 10
years or so and I've never lost data. *knock on wood*