View Full Version : iTunes playlists showing up empty

2004-08-28, 14:10

Slimserver 8/27 nightly running on RedHat 9.
iTunes 4.6 running on XP PC.
iTunes xml and itl files in the location for slimserver config are

When I try to load an iTunes created playlist into the slimserver, the
list is empty. Going through the web interface reflects all the
iTunes:blah blah playlists showing, but every one of the playlists are
empty. I just realized I could do this, so I'm not sure if it's
something recent of if I'm doing something wrong. If the playlists
created in iTunes aren't available to my squeezeboxen, I think I'm
deinstalling iTunes tonight and going back to using MusicMatch or WinAmp

Why are the playlists empty? When I go into iTunes and select a
playlist, they are all showing as populated with what I've put there,
but say "Empty" when viewing them in the web interface (port 9000) of

Frustrating...yet another gotcha from trying to use iTunes...