View Full Version : Transporters for sale in the UK

2010-08-23, 04:54
Got a link in my email for a sale on Transporters in the UK. to a site that has a few at 999 pounds.

It's one of those Member Shopping sites so you do have to register first....but if you wanted a Transporter now if your chance, I only just discovered that they and the SB classic have been dscontinued! ;-(


Hope this is of some use to someone.

2010-08-24, 13:42

I ordered one. Just to be on the safe side I used Paypal .

We will see......expected to be delivered before the 9th of September.
I'm using a squeezebox classic since almost 4 years now, with a very basic receiver and 2 Studiocraft Speakers that I got from my Brother in 1994...... never bought a stereo so I figured it's time to get something good and this is a nice way to start it.......


2010-08-25, 23:46
You can get it direct from Logitech for £999 with a code - see the "Transporter?" thread in Audiophiles.

2010-08-26, 05:36
You can get it direct from Logitech for £999 with a code - see the "Transporter?" thread in Audiophiles.

I had a look but logitech UK (and also logitech in the Netherlands) say that it is out of stock.

I didn't know the transporter is discontinued, so I'm glad I'm getting one.

2010-08-29, 06:37
I bought one last week from audiogon, but a day later, I stumbled upon a thread saying that Marantz is releasing a similar product, the NA7004 network music player, and comes with a dab+ and fm radio built in, and is only going to retail for $799. Actual street price should be alot lower.

Probably should have waited. Looks really good.

Wonder how it compares to the transporter soundwise?

Suddenly the transporter looks expensive in comparison and seems to have some real competition.

Rotel is believed to be releasing something similar too.

Check it out here.



2010-08-29, 14:52
I don“t see the Marantz anything near the Transporter. The display is lousy small and the managing most likely even worse.
Just when i read "DLNA" i get teeth ache. I wouldn“t expect the inner built can compete with the Transporter. To me it is a Squeezebox contender in a to big box. Now then the price is even high :)

2010-09-01, 14:12
Though not a big fan of the Transporter, I'd say that it looks like a much better proposition than the Marantz. The key thing is the software that Logitech has which is open source and years ahead of the Marantz.


The hardware looks nice but that's only half what you're buying.

2010-09-21, 14:36
I took a while....

But today I got my shiny new Transporter :-)

Quite a difference in sound.

Now I'm looking forward to buying new Speakers and a new Amplifier..