View Full Version : Airtunes on squeeze?

2010-08-22, 21:29
Is it possible to use the my Squeezebox Radio as an Airtunes client from iTunes? It seems like this shouldn't be hard, but would require some sort of Squeeze server plugin. Is there such a thing?

2010-08-23, 03:21
It seems like this shouldn't be hardWhat research have you done to verify that it isn't "hard" to do ? Have you seen the Airtunes code ?

AFAICT - there used to be an open source Airtune client a few years ago but Apple changed their proprietary protocol and encrypted it. Currently, either nobody has bothered to break the encryption or couldn't break it.

As it see it.

1. Encryption could be broken but developers do not see it as a worthwhile exercise since there are better alternatives.

2. If plugin was created which did break the proprietary protocol and encryption - then Apple could litigate against the plugin author as it probably would be breaking the T&Cs of using iTunes.

A workaround would be to copy PC audio from iTunes using something like VLC to create a http audio stream.