View Full Version : New Plugin: PowerSave

Jason Holtzapple
2004-08-28, 11:48
--- slim (AT) vcooten (DOT) nl wrote:
> Seems like a nice plugin, but it crashes my server as soon as I hit it with
> the remote.
> Running version 5.2.1 on XP pro

I only tested with 5.3beta on Linux, NetBSD and Solaris. If you could send
me any errors in your server log after the crash, it might help narrow the
problem down. The plugin isn't doing anything platform-specific though.

> Another question: is power consumption such an issue that the energy-saver
> plugin leads to considerable difference in power consuming? The SB does not
> seem to be using too much power. But I may be wrong in this, of course

I don't know. Maybe someone from Slim Devices knows the answer or someone
could measure and compare the power consumption for us.

Thanks for the report,