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2004-08-28, 11:22
You do need to consolidate... Big drives are cheap now.

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> Even with software mirroring of the hard drives I would be inclined to
> continue backing up your stuff periodically to another hard drive or
> DVD-R, etc.

I've lost a good bit of data to mirrored drives alright :) I can't really
talk though, since my current setup is a mess:

[jack@felix jack]$ df
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
9.7G 3.8G 5.4G 42% /
18G 9.2G 7.5G 55% /home
28G 27G 330M 99% /mnt/backup
37G 27G 8.5G 76% /mnt/music
9.7G 3.4G 5.9G 37% /usr

I gotta get some big drives and consolidate.

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