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2010-08-19, 16:23
Is there anywhere in Canada (preferably) or the US that I can still buy a Transporter?


2010-08-22, 12:34
You can buy at eBay or audigon - there are few dealers selling new in a box

And Logitech, I assume, is still selling it

2010-08-22, 13:08
And Logitech, I assume, is still selling it

It's not listed on their website (at least not in the US). And I had assumed for a while it was no longer being sold by logitech. I has assumed that they sold their stock and weren't making any more. I certainly could be wrong. I bought mine from the Logitech website about a year ago.

2010-08-22, 19:20
I believe it is discontinued. I just got one off eBay a couple weeks ago, at the time the seller had several more, but they are no longer listed. I've sent him a query to see if he has any, will let you know. Came into Canada with no difficulty.


2010-08-23, 04:24
I just got one off Audiogon last week $975. Still in transit to my location.

Grab one as soon as you see it.

But you will have to be quick on Audiogon, as there is no BIN option like on ebay.

It is usually first who emails the seller with their interest to buy at the advertised price that is given the first priority.

Thats how it happened with me as the seller advised me.
I was first to make him offer so he gave me first option to buy.

He reckons he had hundreds of emails after mine from interested(desperate) buyers all over the planet.
So he says. Who knows, maybe bluffing to try and close the sale quickly with me.

2010-08-23, 05:18
Thanks everyone. There are none listed right now on eBay or Audiogon and the US Logitech does not even list them any more. I'll keep looking and see if I can get lucky.

2010-08-23, 05:45
Just posted a link to some in the UK in the Kitchen Sink Forum

2010-08-23, 17:02
If you can get a Transporter cheap go for it. If not go with a W4S DAC2.

2010-08-23, 20:12
Thanks everyone. There are none listed right now on eBay or Audiogon and the US Logitech does not even list them any more. I'll keep looking and see if I can get lucky.

I communicated with the guy who was selling them on eBay (at $1300). I bought one, am happy with it and with the service. He says he hopes to have another batch in the fullness of time, but does have one coming back from a customer (two were shipped to this customer inadvertently). If you want to get in touch with him about getting this one before it gets listed, drop me a private message.

I'm in Canada, so know that shipping here works -- and that the shipment is set up in a way that minimizes HST/GST.


2010-08-24, 01:14
I bought one from Neal at SoundScience.
(authorized dealer with full warranty)


$1499.99 delivered inside U.S.
$1599.99 delivered outside U.S.

Teus de Jong
2010-08-24, 02:10
Logitech's sell policy is a complete mystery to me. Apparently, the transporter is almost unavailable in the US and Canada, while you can buy it here everywhere (albeit for the -- almost -- full price): at the Logitech store, amazon.de (third party shop), wifimedia.eu, to name just a few. Sometimes you think they won't sell stuff :-)

2010-08-24, 10:29
We all know that it's inevitable that the device will be withdrawn given the lack of VFD displays. I don't find it surprising that some retailers have exhausted their stock and cannot be replenished. If you want one, you better find it now!

2010-08-24, 14:48
I just got off the phone with Logitech (USA) and the customer rep who answered said that the Transporter is no longer offered, however he checked for any remaining stock and told me that they had 83 units left in the warehouse for sale at full retail each with free shipping. On the other hand, at this time the Transporter deal using discount promo code WVOH999 still looks to be good on Logitech's UK site:


That’s great for the folks in Europe, but too bad they don't offer similar deal for US customers.

2010-08-24, 20:26
For awhile now, someone (or two) on audiogon seems to have a used transporter for sale about once a week or so for just under $1k. I've bought two recently that way. I agree that when you see one at that price in good condition with all the parts, it will sell that day or the next. Keep watching and they will come up again. If you miss that one, there will be another.

2010-08-26, 12:55
I see that Crutchfield currently has a few discounted open-box and scratch-and-dent Transporters currently for sale in their Outlet.


2010-08-27, 07:27
Just tried logitech.de and found it canīt be added to the shopping basket anymore. These days obviously the very last are shipping.

Edit: Did i mention that i think about selling a modified one :)

2010-08-29, 06:49
I would be holding off on a transporter until we see how the marantz NA7004 network music server stacks up sound quality wise with the transporter, especially at the RRP of $800.

I just bought a transporter last week, still in transit to me but now I may just let it go on ebay, if the NA7004 is the equal in sound to the transporter.

It just looks a million dollars.


2010-08-29, 19:20
I'd be a little cautious. There is nothing on the US or Canadian websites,and none of the PR to date addresses the DAC. Sounds like a likely competitor to the Receiver, not a replacement for the Transporter.


2010-09-23, 15:29
Hi All,

I no longer have new Transporters for sale as Logitech has run out of them.

I do have an alternative player that will stream 24 bit 192K files over the network,
the transporter is 24 bit 96K max.
The new product is called a Music Vault Mini.
It has a built in Optical drive so not only can it play CDs but it can rip to your network storage and it can easily access any of your music stored anywhere on your network.
Standard version is $1699.99 and comes with a 7" Color touchscreen/monitor.

The Diamond version is the best sounding digital playback device on the planet along with the Music Vault Diamond and is $2699.99 as an introductory price.

The Music Vault II are Music Servers that are fully assembled and ready to play with any of the logitech players or the Music Vault Mini's.

Phil Leigh
2010-09-23, 21:05
The Diamond version is the best sounding digital playback device on the planet .

Which planet?

2010-09-23, 22:30

2010-09-24, 11:39
I no longer have new Transporters for sale as Logitech has run out of them.

I do have an alternative player that will stream 24 bit 192K files over the network,

Nice first post.

2010-09-24, 12:02
It's more of the advantages for this guy of digital music but it tells a bit about it. It almost sounds like a vortex box copy. For anyone interested. I'm sure it's the best sounding on some planet.

2010-09-25, 15:49
The Crutchfield outlet ones are gone and the soundscience ones are gone as I found out.

Anyway the reason I want one is to have AES/EBU outputs and word clock input for SBS. The Transporter is the only device to do that.

Found one on Ebay.

2010-09-27, 21:00
Up for your consideration.

I have recently acquired Transporter from here:


Now I have two units. Second one bought for "spare parts" :-)
Also now, my wife wants me to choose between her and Transporter.
I chose my wife - Transporter is easier to sell ;-)

Unit is new old stock. It comes in original, slightly beat up from moving, "Slimdevices" box.
I opened it to verify the content and check working and cosmetic condition. Front logo says Transporter and after powering up display shows "Slimdevices", not "Logitech" - rare thing nowadays. Everything is as should be. Unit is brand new. To perform test, firmware was upgraded to latest ver 80.

I made an offer to the seller and got Transporter for $1300 shipped.
This is what I would like to get back. I'm in Orange County, California.

If anyone interested, PM me.