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2010-08-19, 10:36
Ive been looking a bit at the songs that have been genergated through the Dynamic Playlists>Sugarcube - and have noticed that they are, well, quite often not that random.

I have quite a large library (21000 songs) and have noticed that after a while Sugarcube is picking the same songs in the same order.

Also it seems to favour songs with a similar sort of playcount. For example the last 8 songs played have a playcount of 7/7/8/7/9/7/7/8 - and yesterday when I looked it was the same - favouring songs with a playcount of 7 or 8.

To put this into context 75% of songs have a playcount of 5 or less - but Sugarcube hardly ever seems to pick these.

I am currently uising the following for Sugarcube

How much Mix Style - 80

How much Mix Variety - 5

Mix by Song or Album - Song

Mix Type - None

So ... basically .. my question is .... what are the recomended settings for Sugarcube to get a nice random selection ?

Also which settings out of MusicIp and SugarCube are used ?


2010-08-19, 11:11
... and the next songs playcounts were

8, 8, 8, 7, 6, 6, 7, 9, 6

2010-08-19, 14:33
Hi Brad,

Few points in no particular order;

1) Style 114, Variety 3
Is what I use with a library of 12k but there is no right or wrong answer as it will vary to taste, what tracks you have etc

2) Install Trackstat and then use the Trackstat Integration settings on the SugarCube page, eg. Block Track Playcounts Greater Than X, Block Track if Played Recently.

3) SugarCube settings are discrete, so whatever changes you make anywhere else in MusicIP (including the offical MusicIP plugin) will have no impact. When you change the SugarCube settings they are dynamic and will be active from the next track change.

4) Use SugarCube directly (not via DynamicPlaylist) it will use a fuller compliment of algorithms.

This will hopefully improve things for you. Technically if you want a random mix you should use the random mix plugin the idea with MusicIP is that its not random ;)


2010-08-20, 04:02
Thanks - I will try this evening when I get home from work.

I have Erlands plugins installed - the Browse by Selected was what showed me the playcounts.

I know that SugarCube isnt for 'true' random playlists - but was quite surpised when I looked into the tracks selected how often the same tracks were coming up (and I also understand there are nexus points in any library) even from a completely random starting point.

I do use the Random settings but - when a track comes up that I think 'hmmm ... Id like more of that' I then go to Sugracube.

The reason I was using the dynamic playlists was to avoid the problem I was having a while back with toggling on/off the shuffle when going from Sugarcube back to Random mix.

Excellent plugin by the way - been using it for a few years and for me is one of the Squeezebox essentials.

2010-08-20, 20:43
I was glad to see this thread since I don't use trackstat or dynamic playists or whatever they are called. I've just started using it again and it's worked well so far. thank you until I can afford to thank you again cparker. We have the same last name btw. :) Plus your musicip setup was a godsend a couple of years ago my friend. I really, really feel bad that I have not been able to support you.

2010-08-21, 05:12
Hmmmm - it seems to be the trackstat enabling that is causing the problems,

Previously I had it to block tracks with a playcount > 15 - and that was when it was always picking tracks with aplaycount in the range 6 to 9.

I then reduced it to only block with playcount > 5 - and the next 6 tracks it picked all had a playcount of 5.

I then unticked the trackstat option - and the next tracks had a playcount of 3, 1, 6, 7, 0, 2 and 11

For info I'm ruinning Squeezeserver on an XP/Atom server.

Plugin versions are :- SugarCube 2.56, TrackStat 2.10.3031, Dynamic Playlist 2.8.3