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2004-08-28, 09:46
Even with software mirroring of the hard drives I would be inclined to
continue backing up your stuff periodically to another hard drive or DVD-R,

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That's awesome! I need to build a server myself. Thinking of using a
mini-itx motherboard cpu combo running at 1 ghz, putting the whole works in
an Evil Dead lunchbox. Just an idea so far, haven't ordered any parts.
Already have the lunch box.

My linux box died and ate all my ripped music months ago, it's just now that
I'm willing to tackle re-ripping them all again.

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Subject: [slim] My new Cheapo Slimserver Boxen
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As reported here last week, my little Linux box that sits in the server
running Slimserver and Samba died last week. The whole box wasn't a loss,
the hard drive on it conked out (luckily I had my data backed up). in any
event I just put together a super cheap server and am getting phenomenal
results so I wanted to share details with the list members.

I built my machine around a cheapo Albatron PM266A motherboard. This board
has onboard sound, video and LAN, and it was a whopping $42 (with free
shipping), it's based on the VIA KXT233 chipset. This board is extremely
compact and would probably fit into a tiny 1.5u rack mount server case.

Added a 2.0Ghz Celeron CPU (retail package with heatsink) -- $70

512Mb of 266mhz capable DDRAM - $60

Two 160Gb 7200 RPM Seagate Barracuda ATA hard disks running as a software
mirror set under Fedora Core 2 Linux. These drives are very fast and cost a
whole $59 plus tax after rebate at local compUSA.

So now I have a 160GB server with redundant storage. all for $292.
Slimserver runs great on it and when running both of my players the CPU
utilization doesn't get over 5% (it scans my whole 6,000 track library in
just under 15 minutes). It just sits in the basement serving up the tunes
and filestorage. It's been dishing out the tunes all day and hasn't missed
a beat.