View Full Version : How do I play songs with certain ratings?

2010-08-15, 16:39
I followed this wiki article: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Setup_support_for_ratings

I have ratings for a lot of tracks, but certainly not all.

I know how to play a random songs that all have a 5 star rating, or all songs that have a 4 star rating, etc.

What I would like to do is have a dynamic playlist of all songs that have either a 4 or 5 star rating (all the "good" songs, in my system). I cannot figure out how to do this.

I would also like to have another random playlist that does NOT include any songs with a rating of 3 or lower.

I don't doubt that these two things are possible, but they certainly are not making themselves obvious! It was very easy with quodlibet :p.

2010-08-16, 10:38
Install "SQL Playlist" plugin and create a new playlist based on the template "Advanced with rating". Change the "Minimum rating" or "Exact rating" parameters as you like. You might also like the "Random for rating" template which will ask you for a rating number when you hit play.

You will play the playlist through the "Dynamic Playlists" menu which you get by installing the "Dynamic Playlist" plugin.

If you want to browse songs with a specific rating and isn't satisfied with the browse menus provided by the "TrackStat" plugin, I would recommend that you install "Custom Browse" which will get you a new "Custom Browse/Ratings" menu which will make it possible to browse all 4 star songs by Artists/Albums. Playing all 4 star ratings songs in your library using this menu is not recommended, it's a lot better to use the above mentioned "Dynamic Playlist" based playlist for that.

2010-08-16, 10:45
Wow! That seems to do what I have always wanted! Thank you so very much!