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2010-08-15, 05:17
I am new to Squeezebox and am trying to setup iPeng for direct power and volume control of my amp. My setup is as follows:

HTPC running Squeezebox Server
I am currently using Squeezeslave for my player
All of my hardware is controlled with eventghost via RS232 and usb-uirt (the amp is a Meridian 568 controlled via RS232)

I have installed the xPL plugin in in both squeezebox server and eventghost and can use the xPL message generated to control power however no message appears to be generated when a volume change is made.

Is anyone aware of a way to make the the xPL plugin generate volume status messages?

I have noted that the xAP plugin will generate a volume status message however there does not appear to be a xAP plugin for eventghost. I believe Girder will do this but I was hoping to not have to learn how to use another piece of software.

Given my setup is there another way to accomplish this? (I would add a Touch Player if that would allow me do this)

2010-08-15, 20:07
I use an SB3 with an IRblaster and the IRblaster plugin. This controls the amp nicely. IRBlaster doesn't yet work with the touch AFAIK.

See here: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?p=514451#post514451

2010-08-21, 19:03
I have been learning some python and now have a script for eventghost that provides for direct RS232 control of my amplifier (power and volume). This will allow one way (no feedback from amp) control from iPeng or any player. I have set it up for my Meridian 568 but with minor modifications should be a generic solution. Let me know if anyone is interested and I will provide details.

2011-01-08, 13:18
Hello !

I also use eventghost as a home automation brain and i can control my Denon receiver (avr-1910) with it through IR blasting.

I also like to power it and control the volume through squeezecenter (i also have a squeezebox boom) maybe with something like squeezesalve or softsqueeze.

I have xPL plugis active in both squeezecenter and eventghost and i understand a bit of Python, so it would be great to know how you did this !

Thank you very much.

2011-01-09, 05:57
Here is a link to some instructions I wrote up to document how I did it:


Note that I control my amp via RS232 (serial). You would need to adapt these instructions to send IR commands in lieu of the serial commands that I use.

I have zero programing experience so I am sure there is more efficient code to do this. Let me know if you have any problems.

2011-01-09, 06:50
Thank you very much !

I could power on/off my amp fairly easily thanks to xPL messages from Squeezecenter (it sends the power status of the squeezebox) but i didn't have any message when i changed the volume.

I'll look at zoomplayer, thanks again !

2011-01-09, 07:04
I am using Zoom Player plug-in for its telnet client. You can refer to Squeezebox Server>Help>Technical Information>The Squeezebox Server Command Line Interface for info on all commands available.

Glad to help..