View Full Version : Players missing

2010-08-13, 12:36
I have 5 players on my network - 1 duet controller, 1 duet receiver and 3 classics. All 5 players were recognized by the controller and the admin/web interface without issue. Then I changed my router and now my duet controller will see all the players on my network, but the admin/web interface only recognizes 3 of the 5? Now I can't get the missing 2 players to show up except on the controller. All 5 will play music via the controller or the remotes (for the 3 classics), but I just can't control nor see the 2 missing players from the admin/web interface now. The missing 2 are the duet controller and receiver. I have tried restoring factory default settings on the duet pair with no resolve.

2010-08-16, 09:49
Issue was resolved by updating firmware on the server and then choosing the correct server for the receiver.