View Full Version : Spyware explosion since I joined the squeezebox cult

Phillip Kerman
2004-08-27, 19:31
I can't imagine the default slimserver is doing anything (except going back
to check for updates once in a while). MAYBE some bad plugin developer has
something funky going on--but I sort of doubt it. Slim users are not
exactly a great target if you're trying to reach a lot of people.

I'd recommend:
zone alarm from http://www.zonelabs.com/store/content/home.jsp --tells you
when any app tries to reach out (the plain version is free).

Also, at http://www.earthlink.net/home/software/spywareblocker/ you'll find
a spywhere scan. Naturally, spyware scanners could easily be spyware
themselves--but I'd trust this one.

So, my bet is it's coincidence.


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> Could there be anything besides pure coincidence that since I
> have been
> trying out the slimserver, my win xp home box has been
> engulfed by evil
> things, sometimes twice a day I have been running ad-aware
> and it still gets
> bogged down.
> Btw, I understand that you can purchase spyware hunting apps
> (rather than
> the free version) and it will attack these data miners before
> they grab hold
> - can anyone verify that they are effective as an automatic tool?
> Thanks,
> Jim