View Full Version : Squeezebox Server forces Sys Prefs to open

2010-08-12, 15:59
I'm running OS X 10.6.4 and server version 7.4.2.

With no user interaction, Squeezebox server will start my System Preferences, then require me to manually restart System Preferences so that it will run. Then it prompts me with a dialog asking if I wish to upgrade. I do not.

I also do not want this process to be initiated without my requesting it. I have looked in the Systems Preferences options and the options on the web interface to the Squeezebox Server and I can not locate a means by which to disable this.

Can someone advise me how this unacceptable (and poorly designed) process intrusion may be disabled?

Thanks in advance,


2010-08-12, 23:47
It's not in an obvious place.

Go to Settings, Advanced. There's a pop-up menu leading you to various advanced settings, one of which is Software Updates. You can turn off the updates once you are in that section.

2010-08-13, 04:12
Thanks much,