View Full Version : Activate Receiver with Squeezebox Radio ?

2010-08-12, 09:01
I'm very interested in buying a squeezebox system.

The configuration which fits my needs the best is :
- 2 Squeezebox receivers controlled by an iPhone or iPad
- 1 Squeezebox Radio

Someone told me that the receivers must be activated by a controller. As I want to use the iPhone as remote I don't wanna buy an expensive controller. Is it possible to activate the receivers with another device such as the squeezebox radio ?

Thanks for your replies.


2010-08-12, 09:07
No, the Radio cannot setup a SB Receiver. It can control it once it is setup.

There are two ways to setup a SB Receiver, the SB Controller or the third party (officially not supported) NET:UDAP setup utility.


2010-08-12, 09:07
Sorry but the answer is No. But don't give up hope just yet as there is a script one can use to do the first time setup for the Receiver. A quick search of the Forum will provide the details.

But it is really easier if you can borrow a Controller from somebody. Know a friend with a Duet?

2010-08-12, 09:11
Ok, thanks for your quick answers !
I will try to use the third party set up utility.