View Full Version : Epia MII - 1200 - Any issues with running SlimServer

Patrick Lim
2004-08-27, 12:42

I'm running Slimserver off of a EPIA 5000 playing back FLAC via WAV through
wired network. Slimserver idles at about 2% CPU. Playback (FLAC decode to
WAV) takes about 10-20% CPU. The only time I have issues with skips is when
running other intensive processes like compiles. I tested FLAC -> MP3 (i.e.,
FLAC decode, LAME encode to MP3) and that just about works, albeit runs in
the 50-70% cpu level, IIRC.

Straight playback of MP3 (i.e., no transcoding) should pose no problems.

The web interface isn't exactly snappy, but responds no worse than normal
website browsing.

I'm running Gentoo Linux using a 2.6 kernel. Not sure how Windows would cope
with my 500 MHz processor.

Hope this helps.