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2010-08-10, 13:39
I had to move my music folder location on the Linux server running SBS and so the path to the music library has changed. I thought it would be as simple as search/replace the path in the playlist m3u files, and re-scan the library, but this did not work as none of the playlists show up in the Playlists area of the GUI. Music plays fine and I can create new PL's, but cant read/play/see the old ones, even after changing the path in the *.m3u files.

Is there a tool or some suggested method for fixing the playlists so they will work on a machine which changes the path to the music?

I also noticed many trackstat.....xml files with the old path as well, but was not sure how, or where these are needed. Do I need to fix the path in these as well?


<url>file%3A%2F%2F%2Fmnt%2FMedia%2FMusic%2FAlbums%2FPop %2FCrash%2520Test%2520Dummies%2FA%2520Worm%2527s%2 520Life%2FA%2520Worm%2520s%2520Life.flac</url>

2010-08-11, 23:25
You should be fine after changing file paths for the files in your old playlists. Did you also move the playlist folder? Make sure your old (corrected) playlists are where SBS is looking for them. Also, make a new playlist with some same track as in an old one and compare in a text editor to be absolutely sure the path is the same as in your corrected version.


2010-08-13, 13:11
No it does not work and it appears there is a table in the DB for the playlists as well which needs to be updated. I can also see a column in the table (playlist_track) for playlist (playlist). Not sure where this playlist number is used as it does not seem to be anywhere else in the db or m3u file.

So I am still looking for some way to possible re-create these old playlist files.

And yes, the playlists folder also moved.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

2010-08-13, 13:27
Did you do a scan after editing the playlists ?

There a special playlist scan you can use