View Full Version : MoodLogic or New Plugin?

Todd Fields
2004-08-27, 11:42
--- Michael Sigalos <miguel.slimdiscuss (AT) zoemail (DOT) net>

> So that gets me to thinking this... would anyone be
> interested in a new
> plugin to essentially do the same kind of thing
> within SlimServer,
> independent of MoodLogic? That is, create automatic

I've always been hesitant to try MoodLogic for the
reason you mentioned as well. The idea seems great
but it's hard to guage how good the implementation of
the idea has been.

Don't ID3v2 tags contain a "mood" field? I might be
mistaken but I thought it did (I know there is an ID3
version that does.) I always thought it would be nice
if SlimServer could build playlists using these. Even
better would be if multiple moods could be inserted
for each song in the field but maybe separated by a
"," or ";" to help the SlimServer dilineate between
them (not sure how many characters the mood field allows.)

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