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2010-08-10, 01:50

I've written a shell script that prints out text on all my boxes in the house when someone is calling. My problem is that the text doesn't stay visible as long as it should. I noticed that averything works just fine when I don't use RSS as a screensaver. I then changed the code so that I first change the screen saver to 'none' and then display the text. At first, this looked like it worked perfectly, but it really doesn't. The text is displayed for just a few seconds, then the RSS kicks in. I beleive that when the RSS somehow is refreshed it "takes over" the display. Is it some way to store the configuration changes I do? Maybe my settings gets overwritten somehow?

Anyone's got any idea what I do wrong?

Loop through all Squeezeboxes MAC's and ....
# Turn all RSS feeds off
playerpref idlesaver SCREENSAVER.none
playerpref offsaver SCREENSAVER.none
playerpref alarmsaver SCREENSAVER.none
display Phone%20is%20ringing... $MSG 60
sleep 60 #(just wait 60 seconds before turning the RSS feeds back on)
playerpref idlesaver SCREENSAVER.rssnews
playerpref offsaver SCREENSAVER.rssnews
playerpref alarmsaver SCREENSAVER.datetime
end loop

Robert Nilsson

2010-09-10, 04:12
I still have this problem but I can't come up with anything good to try. Sometimes it works just perfect, but most of the time the SB just show the text for 1-2 seconds and then it's back to the RSS feed.

I started with this small caller id project the same time as I upgraded to Squeezebox Server 7.5.1 on RedHat.

One other thing I've noticed is that it sometimes can be really hard to "stop" the RSS when I want to go into the menues. I sometime have to press [Play] button several times before it actually starts. Maybe this has something to do with RSS?