View Full Version : Non-LAN IP address used by SBs?

2010-08-09, 01:26

Could someone please explain an observation I mode both with a SB Duet and SB Radio regarding the IP addresses used?

In the extended settings, there is an entry providing diagnostic informationen. I can see, amongst other things, the IP address of the SB, the DNS server's IP address, and the gateway's IP address. These values are the ones provided by my local DHCP server.

But then there is also a submenu entry providing information about the selected player. Under IP it lists my internet router's "outside" IP address, the one assigned by my provider.

What are the SBs using that IP adddress for? Does that interfere with my router's NAT functionality?

Thanks, Malte

2010-08-09, 03:02
Hello Malte

Information in this screen is populated by the server and in case your player is connected to mysqueezebox.com this is what mysqueezebox.com 'knows' about your player.

And to answer your question. No, this isn't interfering with your routers NAT functionality. This IP address is only displayed here but not used for anything else.


2010-08-09, 07:25
Hello Felix

thanks for the explanation!

In deed, the information about the player always seems to reflect the current internet connection. If that connection is cut, the information submenu is not available.