View Full Version : I upgraded from a 7.4.x to 7.5.1.. now Napster doesnt work

2010-08-08, 20:59
I even deleted my Napster favorites and readded then via Squeezebox web interface. I know it must be something simple or a lot of people would have been complaining by now. I dont have issues with Pandora, Sirius, Not-so-sirius, Slacker, and other Shoutcast type radio stations. It's possible that there's something weird on Squeezenetwork since there's nothing for me to adjust (unless there's some kind of secret workaround on my side). I already deleted and readded my Napster username (which I know is correct).

When I use valid links in Squeezebox Server web interface like below


I get the below error message: (It appears Id get that error on any client).