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2010-08-07, 07:38
Hi, everybody. I used to post here a fair amount, but it's a testament to this forum and the folks at Logitech that everything has "just worked" for years. Until now.

I was running 7.5.1 on my Linux ClearOS box (which runs nothing else... no AV, no nothing) and made some substantial tag changes which gave me the bright idea of a clean rescan -- my first in years. Trouble. The scan kept stopping "unexpectedly" at around 5300 of 7500 songs. The scan log said nothing. I came here and searched last night and everything seemed to relate to AV with this, which couldn't be my problem. Anyway, after rummaging through linux help sites to get the --force option of rpm, I finally managed to reinstall 7.5.0 and the rescan went smoothly. So my diagnosis is that something's wrong with 7.5.1. But I've been known to leap to conclusions before.....

2010-08-07, 07:52
The "old" dB could simply be corrupted in some way they have made some schema changes, and sometimes you have to nuke the whole cache folder and let it do it's complete rescan and build a new dB.

major upgrades can do that sometimes, happened many times for me , I've runned most 7.5x betas and now 7.6 on an old CC4.2 box .

When removing the cache folder did not work I have resorted to clean out the whole install and remove every trace of ss/sc/sbs .
Clean install is kind of last resort as all settings gets lost.

Some beta linux upgrades was particulary awfull , leaving squeezeserver remnats here and there...

2010-08-10, 08:36
I've had the same problem. Installed a brand new Centos 5.5 Linux server, then installed 7.5.1 and tried to scan in my music. I failed miserably (Music scan terminated unexpectedly). This was on a freshly installed systems with all the latest updates. I then installed the latest nightly 7.6.something and had the same problem.
I then went back to 7.4.2, which worked.
Not sure what the problem is.
Maybe some of the more experienced users here can shed some light on this.
Thank you in advance