View Full Version : SBS 7.5.1 - Is it really this broken?

2010-08-06, 13:18
I'm using a Squeezebox Classic 3, Windows 7 64 bit, and Firefox 3.6.8. I installed SBS 7.5.1 as well as firmware version 130 in my SB3 and now a whole range of issues have appeared. Here's a list:

Web Interface Issues

1. When using the default web interface screen it does not show the SB3 player in the upper right as a possible selection. It is however, recognized in multiple places in Setup.

2. The "Play" and "+" buttons work on the left "Artists" screen when selecting both the entire album or individual tracks but on the right screen the selections are not displayed.

3. The play, pause, forward, back, repeat, and shuffle buttons do not work.

4. None of the volume control buttons work.

5. The on/off button does not work.

6. Artwork is not displayed.

7. Clear and save playlist buttons are completely missing.


1. Play other songs in album does not work when selecting songs with the web interface.

Is this version really that broken? Or could it be updates to the OS that are causing the problems?

Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

2010-08-06, 13:22
Did you clear the browser cache ?

2010-08-06, 13:26
Try another browser. Then to get it working in Firefox, maybe clear Firefox's cache, or disable Firefox addons until it works once again.

2010-08-06, 13:45
I've cleared the cache in Firefox, disabled all the plug-ins and got nowhere. I did however use IE to open Squeezebox Server and things seem to be working fine there. It's definitely a Firefox issue but I don't have a clue what the fix is.

Thanks for your comments.

2010-08-06, 13:57
Just on the off-chance that the cache wasn't cleared completely in Firefox, try loading the main page of the web skin, then use Ctrl-F5 to reload it from freshly retrieved files.

2010-08-06, 13:59
Just tried using control + F5 and got no changes.


2010-08-06, 14:04
If you can't solve it, switch to Chrome. ;) Seriously, I switched after years of being a diehard Firefox user and I doubt that I'll ever look back. Every once in a blue moon I'll have to use Firefox for a site that doesn't work right in Chrome, and it now feels like bloated crapware worthy of Microsoft.

2010-08-06, 15:01
Switching to Chrome was actually a great suggestion. It helped me solve the problem with Firefox. I did a fresh installation of Chrome. No cache, no cookies, right out of the box. When I set it up I checked "Block sites from setting any data" to eliminate sites from setting cookies. I entered the url address for Squeezebox Server and got the SAME problems that existed in Firefox. Just for the heck of it, I changed the data setting to "Ask me when a site wants to set data". I refreshed the page and sure enough, SBS wanted to set a cookie. After allowing it, the web interface worked perfectly. I then went back to Firefox and allowed SBS to set cookies. Now all of the functions work fine in Firefox.

Who would have thought that cookies were the cause?

Thanks for your suggestions guys. They were a big help in working through the problem.

2010-08-07, 20:34
Who would have thought that cookies were the cause?
It's understandable that you wouldn't know this, but SBS (and a lot of websites) use cookies to do very useful things.

2010-08-08, 01:27
It's understandable that you wouldn't know this, but SBS (and a lot of websites) use cookies to do very useful things.
Indeed. The idea used to be that cookies were bad, but in fact they are an amazing tool and much of the functionality of the web is now dependant on them. Yes they can be used for tracking, but there are other tricks to do that too. I would say the benefits of cookies far outweigh the disadvantages.