View Full Version : Thank you to iPeng for a great app

2010-08-05, 18:08
I wanted to start a separate thread to show my appreciation and hopefully othersí appreciation for the hard work by pippin for the iPeng app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

I know there is a separate thread for the announcement of the recent iPeng update. That thread is focused on technical issues to give feedback to help with future improvements.

This thread, on the other hand, is focused on just showing appreciation for the hard work of the developer. I am sure that the amount of time, effort and expertise that went into the iPeng app far outweighs any revenue he has received. I am sure he hasnít been able to quit his day job.

Sometimes when I am burning the midnight oil on a project where I might perceive that the tangible and intangible benefits donít exceed the costs, I might eventually burn out. In those situations just a little positive feedback is enough to keep me on track.

The value I have received from iPeng far outweighs the minimal cost of the app. I saved on having to buy a separate Logitech controller. $10 vs. $2-300. seems like a pretty good deal for me. I already had an iPod Touch and now an iPad so it was an easy decision to go with iPeng. The convenience of iPeng for controlling my squeezeboxes has added to their value tremendously and made listening to music that much more enjoyable.

Thank you.