View Full Version : Backing up Flac files to external hard drive

2010-08-05, 02:36
I have just upgraded my PC internal hard drive to a 1TB in preparation for copying all my CDs to Flac, which will replace my current iTunes library. I want to rip once and will keep all CDS in storage as future back up. (Think I will go DBpoweramp route rather than EAC as I want to get all the album artwork first time).

I also have an Iomega 1TB external hard drive and want to ensure I have an extra back up of these new files and just wanted to check the forum for advice.
Is there a way to copy the flac files to both drives at the same time when going through my 600+ CD collection or should I just copy the file across to the hard drive when the process of ripping to my internal drive is complete?

Just looking for tips/advise as I am not a tech expert like many of the forum members and donít want to make any school boy errors!



2010-08-05, 03:45
Replied here: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=80953