View Full Version : Idea for plugin

2004-08-27, 08:36
Since there are ideas being thrown out there...

I've been working on a login plugin that would allow a
user to log in and get their custom settings. I'm getting
frustrated with it not working, so if someone else whose
a better coder (or has more time) here's the basic idea:

On powerup of a squeezebox, a single key challenge is
presented to a user (not too worried about a password,
just the user name) and their own setup is loaded. This
would set the screen size, brightness, the menus available
to them and in what order. It would also give that user
access to specific playlists and music. I was thinking of
the concept of user specific music vs. "universal" music,
and the same would apply to the playlists. Also, there
should be a section of code that verifies all songs on a
playlist are available to that user, and the songs that aren't
available would be removed and a new playlist written out,
leaving the old one alone.