View Full Version : MoodLogic or New Plugin?

Michael Sigalos
2004-08-27, 08:19
The MoodLogic concept seems highly desirable. However, in reviewing the
site and its forums, it appears that at least some of the user base is
disappointed and the product life appears in question. Anyone know if that
is true? I am a bit shy to purchase a product with so many negative
comments being made. Also, I run SlimServer on a dedicated server with no
interactive login so I am not sure if MoodLogic would even work in that

So that gets me to thinking this... would anyone be interested in a new
plugin to essentially do the same kind of thing within SlimServer,
independent of MoodLogic? That is, create automatic playlists based on
some multifield selection criteria using custom MP3 ID3v2 tags (not sure
about other formats since I only use MP3 and WMA on rare occasion). I know
the fields wouldn't automatically be populated like they are using
MoodLogic, but from what I have read the ML track updates are often on a
slow release and users have to maintain their own track data most of the
time. I could probably build a generator using VB but it would only run on
Windows servers. Furthermore, to get it to work I would have to have the
player set options and ranges and then pass them to an external executable.
Not sure if this is possible or not.

So before I go any further, is there any support out there for this "wish
list" item? Am I just crazy for wanting to have SlimServer natively
support this feature?