View Full Version : 7.5.x Playlist limit of 30 songs

Eric Seaberg
2010-08-04, 09:10
I was trying to play a multi-disc collection using the latest 7.5 nightly and discovered that only 30 of the 121 songs load into the playlist. I went back to the official 7.5.0 and it does the same thing... only loads 30 songs. Reverting back to the last official 7.4.2 works the way it should.

I'm running on a MacMINI OS 10.5.8, as I have been for the last 4-years.

Anyone else seeing this? Did I miss a thread where it's already been reported?

2010-08-04, 11:37
What is your setting for max playlist size? That setting was introduced with 7.5.0. I believe the default is 500, but maybe yours is set to 30. Sorry, but I forget which tab it's on in SBS settings.

Eric Seaberg
2010-08-04, 20:28
I just DL'd 7.5.1... let's see if I can find it. Thanks!

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FOUND IT!! Advanced/Performance. Thanks again.

2010-08-05, 17:39