View Full Version : Need help with streaming/radio/recommendation suggestions.

2010-08-04, 05:21
I'll try to make a long story short:

Used to live in the US and loved having all the preset Internet Radio stations as well as Last.FM access via my SB3.

Now I live in Ireland, and Last.FM doesn't have a license for the SB3 here, nor do any of the preset internet radio stations work.

What are my options for discovering and listening to new music via SB3 now that I live in Ireland? I've thought about starting up a Spotify account, as apparently there's a loophole for signing up (via a proxy)...

But I'd love to hear advice on how I might get other net radio stations working, or anything else like Last.FM radio, etc.


2010-08-04, 06:36
There are a number of US based stations (e.g.iheart users) and some UK one which are restricted but most free internet stations work OK in Ireland.

I think Last.fm may still be used if you use the 3rd party plugin with a local SBS server and not the Logitech supplied service.

Which preset stations do not work for you ?

Have you changed your location in MySqueezebox account ?