View Full Version : Using itunes as the source of music/playlists - goodidea or risky?

Craig, James (IT)
2004-08-27, 03:26
No, there is currently no flac support in iTunes.
If you were starting encoding from scratch you could use the apple
lossless codec, but that's very new.

Using iTunes database is quicker (I believe) only because iTunes has
already done the hard work of reading all the MP3 tags in advance.


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Jim McCall wrote:

> I have read reports here about people that use itunes on their
computer and
> store music in the itunes location; they then point slimserver to the
> locations to find music. Realistically, how fraught with problems is
this? I
> hear people having slimserver not being able to locate that music.

I am thinking of doing this as I believe the itunes database to be

Anyway, can itunes organise my flac songs for me?