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2010-08-02, 02:15
I just installed SB in my company (my boss's order),suddenly my colleagues told me that the Internet is gone.
With Troubleshooting ,I tried few ways.
In PC's ARP table, I found the SB MAC address with 10+ different IP (SB in DHCP mode). That's weird.
And I can't even ping my gateway or any other devices
(even the same subnet ), because arp records are Invalid.
I also used Wireshark , There is full of ARP packages from SB,
With strange act.

SB IP is
ARP package: who has Tell
who has Tell
who has 192.168.130 Tell

Is that make sense? Those PCs did not require the package from SB.

finally I discovered that the problem only with Physical Ethernet (RJ45)
If SB use wireless AP connection , Everything is fine.

But in my condition SB with Wireless AP have bad performance.
I have no choice with Physical Ethernet.

Can anyone help me figure this out , thanks.

2010-08-02, 06:58
Turn off bridging.

2010-08-02, 18:21
Thanks for your tip.

Is that mean SB's wireless bridging?