View Full Version : Using itunes as the source of music/playlists-goodidea or risky?

Jim McCall
2004-08-26, 15:50

It seems to me that a huge advantage of itunes over slimserver is making
playlists. Are just talking about using itunes vs. slimserver when we are
sitting at our computer, right?. In that case, slimserver is not very
helpful to display many lists of songs. I would offer that I would rather
use the mouse and keyboard to select the genre of music rather than using
slimserver and its remote.

Again, I am just getting used to the sbox so my awareness is limmited. Maybe
you are accessing your slimserver via softsqueeze? Maybe that would change
my opinion.



>>>> jack (AT) monkeynoodle (DOT) org 8/26/2004 4:00:56 PM >>>
>> Caution, heretical viewpoint coming :)
>> I can't stand iTunes or the iPod -- my wife has that setup,
>> and both have taken a lot more learning curve than my
>> iRiver IHP-120 and a file browser. I guess they're trying
>> to make it intuitive and easy for people who don't know
>> anything about computers, but in the doing so they've
>> made it difficult for people who do know computers, IMHO.
> So now I'm going to sound like I've got some sort of
> multiple personality disorder...
> I agree with Jack. I use iTunes becasue it was much easier to
> teach my wife and kids how to use it to get around the music
> while sitting in front of the computers. I didn't feel like
> having another music player (WinAmp, MusicMatch) running
> just because I liked that one better. Now that softsqueeze and
> the web browser have made slimserver much more user friendly,
> I've slowly been weaning my kids off iTunes. They aren't
> allowed to buy the DRM-crippled music anyway, which seems
> to be much of the reason for running it in the first place.
> Once I get my wife used to using softsqueeze, I think I'll
> be deinstalling iTunes and going back to using MusicMatch or
> WinAmp...
> Paul