View Full Version : Using itunes as the source of music/playlists - goodidea or risky?

Christopher Rowe
2004-08-26, 14:49
On 040826 12 51, "Stephen Ryan" <steve (AT) deepthought (DOT) dartmouth.edu> wrote:

> On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 15:17, Jim McCall wrote:
>> I have read reports here about people that use itunes on their computer and
>> store music in the itunes location; they then point slimserver to the itunes
>> locations to find music. Realistically, how fraught with problems is this? I
>> hear people having slimserver not being able to locate that music.
> You should be aware that iTunes will re-arrange your files into its own
> preferred directory hierarchy. If you have them stored in huge random
> piles, you may not care, but if you've put any time into filing them
> carefully, you'll probably be highly annoyed that iTunes just moves them
> every which way without asking.

Letting iTunes rearrange/organize your files is an option set in the
'Advanced' preferences. (I'm not sure if 'organize on' is the default,