View Full Version : Using itunes as the source of music/playlists -goodidea or risky?

2004-08-26, 12:59
>>> steve (AT) deepthought (DOT) dartmouth.edu 8/26/2004 3:51:15 PM >>>
>You should be aware that iTunes will re-arrange your files into its
> own preferred directory hierarchy. If you have them stored in
> huge random piles, you may not care, but if you've put any time
> into filing them carefully, you'll probably be highly annoyed that
> iTunes just moves them every which way without asking.

It will only do that if you have that option selected. I think
it says something about letting iTunes manage the directory.

I run iTunes and don't have this problem, probably because I have
that auto-arrange "feature" turned off. The thing I am most annoyed
by is that iTunes doesn't do flac, while slimserver does. I wish
Apple would get off it's own high horse and support flac as well
as it does for some of the other lossless formats.