View Full Version : Latest thoughts on sub for Boom used outside?

2010-07-27, 14:02
My Boom is used most lunchtimes and evenings over here on our covered terrace by the pool (and BBQ!). Whilst I generally love the thing, any real sense of scale and bass is currently provided by the main system (see sig below) also playing with the patio doors open.

I'm looking for the latest thoughts on a sub-woofer to augment the Boom, but at a sensible price given the cost of the Boom. Our favorite online auction site has loads to choose from, but a 20-bucks PC sub is unlikey to cut the mustard, and I'm not up for a 200-bucks B&W or REL earth-mover.

So - after lengthy prelude (hey, it's late and I've nearly finished the bottle) - any suggestions?

Obrigado e boa noite from a very hot Portugal


2010-08-02, 02:07
Buy a cheap second-hand PC surround system (http://www.google.com/search?q=computer+surround+system), like for instance Logitech Z4.

Myself, I'm occasionally using the sub from my old Z-540, even if that means I have to keep the Z-540's left front satellite connected (I wouldn't have bought it at all, if I hadn't gotten it for 10 cents as a "bonus offer" from my ISP). Acoustically the result is OK, although I have a feeling the Z-540 doesn't go all that much deeper than the Boom, at least not on lower volume settings.