View Full Version : O2 Joggler Remote & Display

2010-07-27, 09:37
Pics of my O2 Joggler running Squeezeplay and controlling my Squeezebox(es)

2010-07-27, 22:40
Any plans to also make this your server?
Since it's always on, I installed SBServer on my Joggler and attached a big hard drive to hold the library.
Needs an occasional restart, that I'm still tracking down, but otherwise I'm very pleased.
Can you still get the Jogglers? They were selling them for 50.

2010-07-28, 06:32
Hi Mark

I don't plan to make this my server, I did run Ubuntu netbook remix on it when I first started experimenting with it but I found that it was a little unstable and the fact that my USB image got trashed with frightening regularity should the power be disconnected(either accidental or becasue Ubuntu locked up on me) without a shutdown command. The other issue I found was that in Ubuntu controlling the interface using the Joggler touch screen quickly got frustrating as it really needed calibrating. Something I couldn't find out how to do in the current remix image. The pictures in my original post are Squeezeplay running from the O2 Joggler interface, I use it as a controller for my 2 Squeezebox 3s and my Duet. It can also act as a Squeezebox itself although I have no need for this functionality.

My current server is an Asus EeeBox which I've had for a couple of years now http://event.asus.com/eeepc/microsites/eeebox/en/ I got it because of its low power consumption (<18 W)as it's pretty much always on. It just sits there and rarely requires attention, although I do keep up with the updates for Ubuntu and Squeezecenter.

The Joggler was great value at 49, so glad I managed to get one before they sold out. O2 were/are sitting on something great but only if they supported and expanded on the apps that they have made available. Email and web browsing would make it very desirable/useful to so many more people without all this hacking.

As a Squeezebox controller is is fantastic and if you get Opera running on it, you can access the web too although in my experience Flash doesn't work in Opera on the Joggler. Mind you that doesn't seem to upset all those i-phone users!


2010-07-28, 16:18
Thanks for the feedback, Justin.

I had trouble with the Netbook Remix, but pared back the install as all I wanted was to run SB server and play photos from Flickr.

I can now restart it whenever I want and it boots right back up. Before this, I had a lot of "fun" remaking USB stick images and re-paring things.

Mine's now running squeezepay and controlling a synced receiver and SB3.

For 50 it was a steal. Would get another at that price if I could.