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2004-08-26, 00:58
I've always thought it very odd not to have a "stop" button. It's the only
audio remote control I have without one.


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We had to make some hard trade-offs when choosing which buttons to add
to the remote. The more you add, the more confusing the remote.

Browse was left off because the it's a shortcut (i.e. you can navigate
there without the button) and because the browse menu choices are at
the top-most menu near the top. But it is a frequent destination and
bears consideration for its own button, like Search.

I'd be interested to hear from other folks what buttons they think
could be removed and what buttons might be added. We may have the
opportunity to change the remote in the future.


On Aug 25, 2004, at 3:58 PM, Jim McCall wrote:

> It is not that I can't browse music folder, it is that there is no
> dedicated
> "browse" button and that all the browse/search functions are combined
> with
> the utilities like settings - which is kind of a no-no in UI to have
> important groups of items which have radically different functions..
> __
>>> I am surprised that there is no browse button. Considering that is a
>>> primary
>>> function, lumping the various kinds of browsing/searching with
>>> settings and
>>> the like seems to be a poor idea. It forces you to go back up the
>>> tree using
>>> the remote and makes it difficult to see all the kinds of browsing
>>> at once.
>>> There are 10 menu items, 7 of which are content related.
>> You can't "browse music folder" ? You might go into the slimserver
>> web
>> interface and modify the player settings. You can change which menus
>> appear.
>>> Searching: searching using a given letter produces results of
>>> content with
>>> that letter anywhere in the name. For instance, searching for an
>>> artist using
>>> "e" would return cranberries, elvis, REM, enya, larry coryell. I
>>> can't see
>>> that this search result would be useful in any way. I would have
>>> expected
>>> that the search would have used a "starts with" search mode rather
>>> than a
>>> "contains" mode.
>> I think I hear you with the search... but just to be sure, you have
>> tried
>> entering more than one letter right?
> To spell with the numeric keyboard is cumbersome and slow. I would
> rather
> suggest that you would type a letter and start scrolling through lists
> of
> artists that start with that letter. Similar to how my sorting/search
> utility works in entourage: that by typing in the first letter or
> letters in
> the text entry field, you limit the search results in the window below.

Daniel Cohen
2004-08-26, 02:32
On 26/8/04 at 8:58 am +0100, <JulianS (AT) nr-online (DOT) com> wrote
>I've always thought it very odd not to have a "stop" button. It's the only
>audio remote control I have without one.

On my CD player (I don't usually bother withs remote) the Pause
button works as a Syop button in the same way as the Squeezeboc
remote. This is something I'm quite happy about.
Daniel Cohen

Dave Pilgrim
2004-08-26, 03:45
JulianS (AT) nr-online (DOT) com wrote:

>I've always thought it very odd not to have a "stop" button. It's the only
>audio remote control I have without one.
Try press and hold "Pause"...