View Full Version : Router Reset and SB3/suspend time

2010-07-21, 18:04
1. I reset my router in order to make it more secure. I changed the password and some other settings. My Duet is now working fine, but when I try to set up the SB3, it hangs after I enter the WPA2 password, and I can't get any further. It gives me a retry or go back message.
Are there router security settings that have to be tweaked in order to get the SB3 recognized?
I also recently updated to 7.5.1 and r8885 if that makes a difference.

2. I recall a standard suspend setting where I didn't get the "please wait" wheel for a few minutes whenever I pick the receiver up. Can anybody tell how to set it?

Thanks in advance.

2010-07-21, 18:06
Sorry. "Please wait" wheel occurs when I pick the controller up.

2010-07-25, 14:05
Follow up: This might be elementary to some of you, but maybe I can save some time for somebody trying to do a reset of an SB3.

I couldn't get past the choose language screen and tried several factory resets (pull the plug, replace plug while pushing + sign) That didn't help, so did a Xilinx reset (pull the plug, replace plug while pushing #1). That got me off square one and to the network password screen. Put in the password using the IR remote about twenty times, but couldn't get the SB3 to be recognized by the network.

Some might remember what a challenge entering the network password is with the IR remote. Well it still is! But this forum and the Wiki are also valuable tools. It occurred to me that something was amiss with the way I was entering the password, and I did come across something about "tailing spaces", which was the cause of my troubles. The IR remote is tricky to use for this and it (meaning I) kept unintentionally inserting blank spaces at the end of the password which was causing the non recognition issue. You have to be very careful to push the "right" arrow to enter it at the exact end of your password.

If you haven't had to do this in a long time, it's easy to miss, because the error is not readily apparent. Hope this helps.