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2010-07-16, 11:46
I use the SuperDateTime screensaver on my Booms and SB3. Yesterday my router got reset, and since then it's not pulling any weather data. Everything else works fine: local music, Rhapsody, etc. (When this has happened in the past, it's been an indication that SBS couldn't see the internet.)

I'm running the latest VortexBox software with SBS 7.5.1. I've tried turning off the plug in, restarting, and turning it back on. I've also tried re-installing SBS from the command line. No dice.

Any ideas for things I could check? I really miss having weather data on the display.

2010-07-16, 12:17
Mine is not working either?

Mike Meyer
2010-07-16, 12:21
Well there's good news and some bad news. The good news is that it isn't you. The bad news is that the weather.com html changed so the plugin isn't working currently. However until that gets fixed you might be able to use the wunderground weather which is another option in the plugin. I still have to look into that myself.

More info at the end of this thread:

Eric Seaberg
2010-07-17, 07:06
Wunderground isn't working either. I had to change back to a different Weather plugin.

Also happened yesterday (Friday) for me.

2010-07-20, 21:11
It's not working correctly for me either!

2010-07-21, 15:39
The is already a (working) communty fix posted in the 3rd Party plugin Forum. :)

2010-07-21, 18:04
The is already a (working) communty fix posted in the 3rd Party plugin Forum. :)

a "link" is a series of characters you can put in your email/etc. that allows other people to go to that location on the internet without reading your mind.

Their "web-browser's" security can help them to decide whether you are telling the truth.


2010-07-21, 22:52
So Why don't you simply post it? I am not at Computer at the moment where that would Be easily possible. Thanks a Lot for your help. :)