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Phillip Kerman
2004-08-25, 09:42
> I am surprised that there is no browse button. Considering
> that is a primary
> function, lumping the various kinds of browsing/searching
> with settings and
> the like seems to be a poor idea. It forces you to go back up
> the tree using
> the remote and makes it difficult to see all the kinds of
> browsing at once.
> There are 10 menu items, 7 of which are content related.

You can't "browse music folder" ? You might go into the slimserver web
interface and modify the player settings. You can change which menus

> Searching: searching using a given letter produces results of
> content with
> that letter anywhere in the name. For instance, searching for
> an artist
> using "e" would return cranberries, elvis, REM, enya, larry
> coryell. I
> can't see that this search result would be useful in any way.
> I would have
> expected that the search would have used a "starts with"
> search mode rather
> than a "contains" mode.

I think I hear you with the search... but just to be sure, you have tried
entering more than one letter right?