View Full Version : Internet Radio Streams Killed by Block Incoming Connections?

2010-07-14, 09:32
I think the "Block Incoming Connections" security feature may be
interfering with Internet radio streams.

This morning, I rebooted my SBS computer and took a look at my SBS
v7.5.1 security settings (SBS web interface -> Settings -> Advanced ->
Security). "Block Incoming Connections" had been set to "Do not block".
I changed this to "Block" and added these "Allowed IP Addresses" for
my local network IP range and localhost: 192.168.*,

I then switched to the main (non-settings) web UI, chose one of my SB
players (a Boom, sync'd with a Radio), chose "Favorites" (where I have
my Internet radio stations saved) and tried to play a stream, which
failed to play. I then changed the "Block Incoming Connections"
settings back to "Do not block" and tried again. The stream played. I
toggled the block setting a few more times trying different streams.
The results were consistent: when SBS was set to "Block" streams would
not play.

Has anybody else seen this behavior?

Given how the "Block" feature is implemented, does it make sense that
this would be happening?

I'll try some more tests tonight (unsync'd players, etc.) but wanted to
see anyone else could confirm this.

SBS 7.5.1
Windows XPsp3
SB Boom and Radio (both on wireless connections)