View Full Version : iPhone App to use Classic/Transporter IR blasting capabilities as home theater remote

Worried Cat
2010-07-13, 08:18
I'd like to announce an iPhone App, Mote, that allows you to control any ethernet-enabled device using your iPhone or iPod touch. It was written specifically to use the IR blasting capabilities of the Squeezebox Classic and Squeezebox Transporter to control all of the devices in a home theater setup. Commands are sent via Wi-Fi from your iPhone/iPod to your Squeezebox Server, which uses the IRBlaster plugin to blast IR commands through the Classic/Transporter's headphone jack to control TVs, DVD players, etc. Mote offers all the features of an expensive home theater remote and more, including organization by devices and activities, multiple panels of buttons for each activity/device in both portrait and landscape orientation, full macro functionality, and gestures. Its programmable directly on your iPhone/iPod, with no external software required. I've long used the IR blaster plugin to automatically control my amplifier when using iPeng to listen to my music. I wanted the same functionality for my home theater setup, and Mote provides that.

For details, check out Mote at the iTunes App store, or at its web site (worriedcat.com). The web site contains a full description of how to use Mote with the Squeezebox Classic or Transporter, as well as a demo video and full user manual.

To the best of my knowledge, only the Squeezebox Classic and Transporter have IR blasting capabilities, thus you cannot use the newer Squeezebox products as IR blasters. While Mote was written with the Classic in mind, it can control any ethernet-enabled device which uses the TCP, UDP, HTTP, or HTTPS protocols (Squeezebox Center uses TCP for its Command Line Interface, HTTP for URL commands, and UDP for its xPL interface).