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2010-07-12, 12:37

I'll hope this is the right forum.

Let me explain the situation.

I have a server running. Onto that server i installed Squeezebox server. This server is always on. I also have a DIY build NAS. I only use the NAS for file storage. So all music is stored on the NAS. I want all running services seperate from my storage. The NAS is going in sleep mode when not used.

I already mounted the share where my music is stored (onto the NAS).

Now the question. Is it possible to wake up the NAS when Squeezebox Server needs the music files?

2010-07-15, 00:15
Something like iPeng could give you this for free, because it has the capacity to send, when you start it, a wol packet to an arbitrary MAC address.
Regular SB players will register the MAC address of the server, making their WOL feature useless. I do not have a running solution (and I fear of timeouts and other issues in practice) but I guess running a proxy service on the server could be an idea.
- Some sort of wol proxy: when a wol packet is sent to the server, send another one to the NAS. Built using a raw socket + iptables (on linux)? There are "wol proxies" out there, I don't know what they do.
- HTTP proxy: same idea, listening to server:9000. More flexible since every player action could trigger the wake (but timeout may apply)
- Automount script map (linux et al.): when the NAS is down, access to a specific file hierarchy on the server is preceded with a wol packet. Something like this (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1410353") (the auto.nas file, specifically). Timeout issues *will* apply.

I'd be interested to read other suggestions. Routing, proxy arp ??

2010-07-15, 23:17
Thanks for your suggestions epoch1970. I almost gave up this setup, but checking this thread this morning i found your answer.

I really like to keep my storage separate from my running services. It would be nice to get this working. I'll checkout your suggestions.

I'll think i do a feature request to build in a option (if possible) to wake up other devices (NAS).

2010-07-16, 01:40

When i use a http proxy, how to get this working? I never used a proxy before.

2010-07-16, 13:38
The only two thing what have to be execute is:

wolcmd mac address ip address subnet mask port(from windows client).

mount //ip address/Compact-Disc-Flac /mnt/samba/Compact-Disc-Flac cifs username=someone,password=somepassword