View Full Version : Was working fine, now no Logitec devices can be found.

Bob in St. Louis
2010-07-11, 18:09
My SB (SqueezeBox) "Classic" and SB "duet" have been working fine for many months until today. For some unknown reason, it all stopped working today. I've made no changes to the computer, and have all Windows/Microsoft updates set to "manual" download, so I seriously doubt some update affected it.

The SC (SqueezeCenter) software will not load. What was previously known to my computer as "" is now known simply as an internet search page. The PC has no idea what that address is, or ever was.

I was using version 7.3.3 on a PC using XP SP3 without a problem. Not sure what caused this, but neither the SB3 ("Classic") or Duet can find the PC, nor can the PC find the components, even through the Logitech "find your device" online software.

Against my better judgment, I uninstalled 7.3.3 and installed 7.5.1

Still nothing. I do have the SqueezeBox Server Control Panel (as shown below as a screen shot on my desktop). But I can NOT get to the Squeeze software that will allow me to play music. Please note the "alert" as shown in the window, as I feel this is of some importance. Not sure how this came about as I mentioned earlier, everything has been working perfectly for quite some time.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance.


2010-07-12, 15:11
The server has stopped and the reason seems to be that it cannot access the network in a way that it has to. My guess is that you have some kind of over zealous firewall software that prevents the server from accessing the ports it need for its operation.
If you have a router with a firewall I would try by disabling any firewalls running on the computer and see what happens.

Bob in St. Louis
2010-07-12, 17:24
Good information, thank you for the reply alfista.

Not sure what would have/could have caused that. No changes made on the router/modem and it's associated firewall. Nor on the PC.
I've checked the PC and the Microsoft firewall is off. The modem/router firewall (brand is "2WIRE") and don't see where it's having and issues, or has blocked anything.

I did a factory reset of the SB3 and got as far as it seeing and connecting with the network. But it says "No SqueezeCenter found".

For the life of me, I can't find a firewall interfering. Does that failure message indicate a firewall issue?

Thank you again,

Steidl Guitars
2010-07-12, 20:27
Whenever mine gives me odd fits like this, the first thing I do is to reboot the router.

Phil Leigh
2010-07-12, 23:07
First I would check that your Internet connection has not been modified to use a Proxy... In Internet Explorer - Tools - Connections check the "use proxy server"option is NOT enabled... see below:

2010-07-13, 10:44
+1 for rebooting router and network hardware. Looks like your SB is talking to the router ok if it pulls up an address. On your PC you could ping your Gateway address to see if you are talking to your router ok. I would also check your firewall settings as occasionally Microsoft updates turn it back on for you...

Bob in St. Louis
2010-07-28, 19:02
Sorry for the delay, I've been on vacation. I'm back now (still with no tunes).

I reset the router hardware. Had to download new AT&T software and "reacquaint" the AT&T hardware, to the PC.

I checked the MS firewall, it's still turned off.

I checked the proxy, mine looks identical to the screen shot from Phil below.

The Duet remote just constantly displays "Connecting to SqueezeBox", and has the "swirling circles" indicating it's really doing something.

--Still no SqueezeStuff

When I put: into the address line, I used to get SqueezeCenter, now I just get a Dell/Google search (redirect) page.

I do not know how to ping my gateway from the PC. Sorry.

Getting depressed about not having tunes.
Thanks folks,

EDIT: In addition, I've discovered the Duet remote CAN find and identify the router and network. Here's some screen information that seems relevant:
-State: Connected
-SNR: (fluctuates between 56 and 63)

But when I perform a "network test" it says:

Network test are not supported by the server which this player is currently attached to. Please ensure the server and network health plugin is enabled on your server.

Hope that helps.

EDIT #2.........Sorry, but this might be relevant.
When I go to "http://www.whatismyip.com/" the IP address it shows for me is different than the one I get when I used the command prompt and type "ipconfig".
I suppose the one on "whatismyip" is for the router/modem and the other is my actual computer?

Phil Leigh
2010-07-28, 23:36
check the windows event viewer in Admin Tools to see if there any SBS-related messages there...

Bob in St. Louis
2010-07-29, 17:24
Interesting. I've never been in that area before.
There are slimserver messages. Quite a few as a matter of fact. Looks like all of the red 'x' errors listed here are the same. The only change is the line number is different.

When this all started, I had been using version 7.3.3 (for a very long time) without a hitch. In my first post I mentioned I had uninstalled everything to do with Slim "stuff" using Revo Uninstaller, and installed version 7.5.1
That made no difference.
Last night I used Revo to uninstall 7.5.1 and went back to 7.3.3.
Regardless of which version I use, nothing happens when I click on an icon.

Does any of this help?