View Full Version : Wireless on classic

2010-07-11, 16:07
any advice I am trying to connect a classic Squeezebox via wifi. At the moment all I get on the start up options is there appears to be no ethernet connections! No wireless option on the setup network. Tried a reset and reboot and updated firmware, it got me!!!!

2010-07-11, 19:53
Are you pressing the left arrow on the SB3/Classic's remote and holding it for about 5 seconds to get to the setup menu? From there you should be able to select the wireless network, enter WPA security key, etc.

2010-07-12, 00:15
Hi denniswickstead

In the early days there were two SB 2/3 models and some of them were sold without wireless. Do you know for sure you have a wireless model?

If for whatever reason the wireless card got knocked out of it's socket it also would not offer this option during setup.

Third possibility: The wireless card is broken somehow.