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Christopher May
2004-08-25, 05:28
My SlimP3/Slimserver would crash on a consistent basis when ever I tried
to search , or play "everything". Soon after, my computer running the
slimserver decided it was time for a re-formatting and re-install. When
I did that, I had iTunes use the "keep my Librabry Organized" feature.
This seems to re-write some of the MP3 tags. I also consolidated the
files into one place. This seemed to fix my problems with the slimserver

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ok, I know the bonehead solution is not to do it but
every once in a while I accidently hit the play button
when highlighting all. The Squeezebox is then not
usable for about 10 or so minutes while alternates
from being frozen to displaying a dropped server.
Other than the aforementioned solution what can I do
stop this process once going? The squeezebox seems
doomed until I restart my computer. I have about 10k
songs - is this the problem? Is there something the
powers that be are working on?


PS: It also happens when playing All in the Genre Rock
(which is my biggest genre).

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