View Full Version : Squeezebox 3 electrical schematics

2010-07-07, 09:01
my SB3 has died and in my country Logitech do not provide any repair facility. It is a unit still branded Slim Devices, I think I got it in 2006.
A friend with very good background and an adequately fit lab has committed to try to repair it, but it would be much easier if he could have an electrical schematics of the device.
Does anybody have this electrical schematics of the SB3 ?
thanks a lot in advance.

2010-07-07, 09:29
In this thread (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=31187) Sean says that the full schmatics have never been posted, but he is willing to answer specific questions. It's worth a try.

2010-07-07, 14:02
My SB2 died a couple months ago. On a whim I pulled the wifi card out of it and it fired right up and works perfectly on ethernet.

The wifi card appears to have succumbed to excess heat as it's label was turning brown. Not sure if SB3 is subject to the same problem.

2010-07-07, 14:20
Good point. And sometimes the wifi card isn't fried, but is only loose and just needs to be reseated.

2010-07-08, 03:17
thanks to everybody.
I do not think the problem is in the wireless card. The SB3 died electrically, that is no display at power up.
So far what has been diagnosed is the display is dead, and I've sourced a replacement, but evidently it is not the only component who died. there's something else and that is why I'm looking for the schematics.

2010-07-08, 04:01
Troubleshooting can be done in (at least) two ways.

The best way to start in most frustrating situations, IMO: Remove everything that can be removed, and see if the system behaves better. Then start adding component by component back. When the system breaks down again, chances are the last part you added was the culprit all the time.

The other way: Remove one component at a time, until the system starts behaving. Chances are the last part you removed was the culprit all the time.

So if you haven't tried with the wifi card disconnected, do so before you try anything else.